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Jockey: Cam Hardie
Trainer: Antony Brittain
Form: 59-428475
Equipment: 0
Owner: John and Tony Jarvis and Partner
Weight: 8-11
Age: 7 (11 Mar 2014)
Official Rating: 60
Last Ran: 14 days ago
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Pedigree: Sire: Exceed and Excel (Aus), Dam: Cruel Sea (Usa), Dam's Sire: Mizzen Mast (Usa)
Future Entries
08-03-21WOL19:40PLAY 4 TO WIN AT BETWAY HANDICAP (5)Cam Hardie1m 1f
DateCourse/Class/Type/PrizeDistPosBtnWgtGoingJockeySPEquipTypeIn Play Hi/LoORReplay
22-02-21WOL C5Hc 3.43K1M 1F5/84.809-0SlowHarry Russell11/10F-/6.263
14-02-21SOU C5Hc 3.43K1M7/711.009-0SlowCam Hardie20/10F-/20.063
31-01-21WOL C5Hc 3.43K1M 1F4/111.729-4SlowCam Hardie13/20F-/5.064
26-01-21SOU C6Hc 2.78K1M8/85.959-4SlowCam Hardie13/20F-/6.261
18-01-21WOL C6Hc 2.78K1M 1F2/120.509-7SlowCam Hardie13/2-F-/2.3662
15-01-21NWC C6Hc 2.78K1M 2F4/136.759-9SlowCam Hardie7/1-F-/7.062
15-12-20NWC C5Hc 3.43K1M 4F9/135.329-6Std/SlowCam Hardie22/1-F-/22.064
07-12-20WOL C6Hc 2.78K1M 4F5/112.609-11Std/SlowCam Hardie7/1-F-/12.564
24-11-20WOL C4Hc 5.21K1M 4F6/73.808-10SlowCam Hardie20/1-F-/14.066
10-11-20NWC C5Hc 3.43K1M 2F7/126.809-9SlowCam Hardie16/1-F-/20.067
31-10-20WOL C6Hc 2.78K1M 4F3/72.2510-0SlowHarry Russell3/1 f-F-/3.567
19-10-20WOL C5Hc 3.43K1M 4F5/113.459-2SlowAngus Villiers10/3 f-F-/3.5565
12-10-20WOL C5Hc 3.43K1M 4F2/111.009-10SlowHarry Russell11/1-F-/6.066
05-10-20WOL C6Hc 2.78K1M 4F1/120.759-11StdHarry Russell9/2-F7.6/-62
03-10-20WOL C5Hc 3.43K1M 4F4/113.359-6SlowHarry Russell7/1-F-/8.262
22-09-20NWC C6Hc 2.78K1M 4F3/131.959-9SlowCam Hardie9/1-F-/3.063
08-09-20NWC C5Hc 3.43K1M 4F6/103.279-5Std/SlowHarry Russell33/1-F-/38.065
29-08-20RED C5Hc 3.49K1M 2F5/107.779-2HeavyCam Hardie40/1-F-/50.066
53 day break
07-07-20PON C5Hc 3.49K1M5/78.009-1Gd/SftCam Hardie33/1-F-/20.067
21-06-20WOL C5Hc 3.49K1M 1F8/1110.909-1SlowCam Hardie12/1-F-/38.069
09-06-20WOL C4Hc 4.69K1M 1F7/114.959-1SlowBen Robinson12/1-F-/21.071
94 day break
07-03-20WOL C4Hc 5.43K1M 1F7/86.108-10Std/SlowCam Hardie15/2-F-/8.872
08-02-20WOL C4Hc 5.21K1M 1F7/94.008-12Std/SlowCam Hardie8/1-F-/9.073
03-01-20WOL C4Hc 5.21K1M 1F2/64.508-9Std/SlowCam Hardie8/1-F-/10.073
03-12-19WOL C4Hc 5.21K1M 1F1/60.028-4StdAngus Villiers8/1-F170.0/-71
24-10-19WOL C5Hc 3.43K1M 1F3/122.709-4StdCam Hardie9/1-F-/7.668
19-09-19PON C4Hc 5.34K1M4/81.859-2Gd/FrmCam Hardie20/1-F-/28.068
12-08-19WOL C4Hc 5.21K1M 1F6/112.209-4StdCam Hardie16/1-F-/12.069
65 day break
08-06-19BEV C5Hc 5.61K1M11/1717.959-2Gd/SftCam Hardie25/1-F-/95.070
24-05-19PON C5Hc 3.88K1M6/84.609-4GoodCam Hardie8/1-F-/11.071
10-05-19WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F5/116.459-10StdCam Hardie11/2-F-/4.372
27-04-19WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F---Non Runner-----
02-04-19WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F1/91.009-6StdCam Hardie5/1-F10.5/-69
22-03-19NWC C5Hc 3.75K1M10/139.479-1SlowCam Hardie9/4 f-F-/2.869
05-03-19WOL C4Hc 5.53K1M 1F1/91.008-10StdCam Hardie10/1-F21.0/-67
104 day break
Change of Owner: John Jarvis & Partner to John and Tony Jarvis and Partner
21-11-18WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F8/125.379-7Std/SlowCam Hardie25/1-F-/34.069
63 day break
19-09-18YAR C4Hc 5.53K1M9/934.858-9GoodCam Hardie40/1VF-/38.072
06-09-18HAY C4Hc 6.47K1M11/1415.059-4GoodCam Hardie28/10F-/48.074
177 day break
13-03-18NWC C5Hc 3.75K1M9/106.009-7SlowCam Hardie16/10F-/16.075
21-02-18NWC C4Hc 5.92K1M6/88.858-11SlowCam Hardie9/10F-/10.075
08-02-18NWC C4Hc 6.08K1M1/130.108-13StdCam Hardie25/10F40.0/-71
22-01-18WOL C5Hc 3.75K1M 1F4/84.759-2StdCam Hardie7/10F-/5.971
59 day break
24-11-17NWC C5Hc 3.88K1M---Non Runner-----
23-10-17WND C5Hc 2.91K1M1/120.009-4Gd/SftTom Marquand9/10F100.0/-69
86 day break
29-07-17CHS C4Hc 6.23K1M 2F7/1020.009-0Gd/SftJason Hart33/1BF-/110.073
19-07-17SAN C4Hc 5.82K1M 2F8/822.959-6GoodTom Marquand20/1BF-/28.077
Change of Owner: Mrs E. O'Leary to The Pony Club
12-07-17BAT C4Hc 6.47K1M5/75.758-13FirmDane O'Neill4/10F-/5.377
14-06-17HAY C3Hc 9.06K1M7/114.409-2Gd/FrmTom Marquand33/1VF-/16.079
12-05-17ASC C4Hc 5.18K1M15/1622.209-3Gd/FrmJ Fortune20/10F-/27.081
21-04-17BAT C5 2.84K1M1/60.759-0FirmJ Fortune8/11 f-F5.0/--
182 day break
21-10-16NWB C4 5.18K1M2/140.509-5Gd/SftJ Fortune14/1-F-/2.9-
17-09-16NWB C4 5.18K7F5/119.209-5Gd/SftJ Fortune25/1-F-/25.0-

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Record (since 2016)
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Flat Turf50743


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